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All of My Friends: Spice Girls


I have many beautiful, talented, amazing friends, whom I would love to share to the world, and I will do my best to do so. Here are 3 of those friends: Elena De Santiago, Karine Benzaria, and Christina Benenati. We dubbed ourselves the Spice Girls, respectively. 

We met as transfer students into NYU's film program in a summer Television production course. This was no ordinary class, mind you, every person in this class is an incredible human being, including our dear professor, Gary Shimokawa. After 12 hours a day together for 6 weeks, we were either bound to hate or love one another, we got lucky with the latter. Us three happened to share a unique bond of humor, taste, and hard work (and a great affinity for East Village milkshakes). 

From the start, there was nothing competitive about our friendship, nothing dramatic or claw-worthy, I was able to have 3 hard-working, inspirational girls who I could proudly call my friends. With that came the fact that when you have hard-working, inspirational friends, they are not always available for round the clock pillow talk or girl's nights out. We worked on over-night productions, held full-time class schedules, and pursued our own projects. But, whenever we all had a chance to get together it was as if no time had passed. 

Recently, we met up in NYC for the first time in maybe 6 months. We talked about our jobs, ending school, how social media is destroying human connection, all until we got kicked out for not actually ordering the overpriced-brunch. It was the perfect dichotomy of intelligent conversation and crude humor for a good 2 hours. I love these girls. 

Why am I telling you about them?

Without a doubt, each one of these girls or better yet, women, will be running the scene in the entertainment industry. Whether it's directing, writing, animation, they are the real deal and they are just plain good people. 

Do yourself a favor and check out what they have to say, show, share, etc.