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I love New York (subject to change)

copyright Kelli Reilly, 2013.

copyright Kelli Reilly, 2013.

This weekend as I took in my last couple of days in NYC, before I return again in a month or so, I was smitten, dare I say, in love. Here's a list as it will be the best way I can express my deepest of (current) feelings: 

1) My cab driver smiled infectiously as he drove and listened to a mix cd including: Dr. Dog, Bright Eyes, and Bon Iver. Needless to say, he broke the norm. 

2) The F train was seemingly free of the smelly, trash laden car that is usually ran by its unmoving overlord. And, there were no delays. 

3) I drank gallons upon gallons of raw, cold pressed green juices that are just as superior as what LA serves up. 

4) I ate a kragel, a hybrid of a bagel and croissant, with one of my best gals, Carly, as we watched the attractive, creative, and interesting people of Bedford Avenue walk by. 

5) As I walked across the Williamsburg bridge and basked in the warmth of 54 degree sunlight, I sang along to my E.L.O. soundtrack because it's New York and there is always someone who looks crazier. 

6) I enjoyed eating some of New York's finest Italian, chicken parm and pasta, with my under 10 club, M + M,  as we cuddled and watched Adam Sandler movies. 

7) Thanks to Buffalo Exchange, I sold an old sweater, blazer, and dress and made $25 and bought myself a hearty Lobster Roll around the corner to celebrate. I was back at $0, thereafter. 

8) Exhausted and hungry, I ordered Seamless not once, but twice and that is absolutely ok. 

9) Once my subway pass ran out, I walked everywhere. From midtown to Brooklyn and everywhere in between. I saw everything from drunken St. Patty's crawlers to children enjoying their Big Gay Ice Creams to the meditating musical group in Union Square. 

10) I must say it, the (transformative) weather. The moment I could wear just my sweater and stand in the sunlight, it was just pure happiness. I was so grateful. Although I knew the next day I would need a coat again, it is a beautiful time in NYC when everyone is outside walking around, smiling and enjoying every part of this city. 

I realize I could say a lot more on the subject of my love for New York (and a lot less that involves situations with food) but what I will lastly say is, that every hard day or week or month in New York City is always trumped by the days or weeks or months that you are simply in love with it and taken by the magic that sweeps through this city. 

New York, you are my jilted lover, my greatest affair, my bad romance, and I love you so. And right now, I like you, too.



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