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12 MIND BLOWING Questions to Boost Your Confidence

As a writer, a woman, a transplant, and cabbage patch doll, I have too many times found myself in deep bouts of disassociation and fear of what life may bring to me. Even though I live in considerably one of the most "inspirational" cities in the world, this journey can often be left without answers or wisdom to turn to. If you are lost, searching, bankrupt of all lust, perhaps you can find inspiration within your own self when asking yourself these powerful questions to provoke insight and positivity into your world:

1) Why is there sweat deftly dripping down to my elbows even though I already took off the blazer I previously sweat through? Is it because I am a powerful force of Mother Nature? Am I creating my own natural, organic, cage-free reservoir?

2) Is my high blood pressure because I turn on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" while I get dressed in the morning? Do I really still watch it ironically? Am I contributing to the degradation of society? Is watching "Real Housewives of Melbourne" more culturally invigorating?

3) Who is trying to poison me? I left my drink at my desk for 3 days and I am pretty sure if I drink it, it must be poisoned right? I think somebody is trying to poison me. Is someone trying to POISON ME?

4) Who is reading my diary? Why wouldn't you want to read my diary?

5) How possible is it to constitutionally ratify a new amendment to ban all production of anything 'yellow'?

6) Ok, but could that 'Onion' article actually be true? Isn't there truth to all of them?

7) Bu-semmy or Bu-schemmy?

8) Was Uncle Jesse and The Beach Boys singing "Forever" on "Full House" one of the greatest moments in Television and American history? If not, then we have had no significant cultural milestones yet, correct?

9) Would you like fries with that?

10) Is 'Air Bud' a film or a movie?

11) What if God was one of us? Did I think I made that question up? Can you even say who sings that? Can someone still find the time to answer the first question?

12) Can you not feel your chakra either? Just me? Om?

Life is not as hard as we make it. Work through these psychology board tested and approved questions and together we can ~*live laugh love*~. Namaste.



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