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Trophy Wife: Issue 001 PRINT EDITION

Trophy Wife: Issue 001 PRINT EDITION


Exclusive First Edition! Published November 2018.

Trophy Wife is a digital + print magazine that will explore all the ways we as individuals can speak to one another beyond words, combine mediums, intertwine fantasy and non-fiction and explore our identities and beliefs. TW features artists of any gender representation, sexual identity, socioeconomic background, race, religion, age, occupation or generation. 

Featured Artists: CJ Benenati, Ashley Alderton, Ryan Blewett, Tom Krantz, Memphis W. Cortes, Ryan Kenneth Hanson, Jackie Liu, Zach Roberts, Starcrossed Losers, Rachel Music, Nadine Tardie, Shimmy & Tug, Carlie Reilly, Sophie White, Jaxon Bartok, Will Hallett, Brote Brooklyn, Naomi Barnett, Hannah Tardie, and Kelli Reilly

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